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What is detailing? What is a real Full Detail?


We need to know these facts about your vehicle to provide a bid:
  • Year/Make/Model
  • Color (very important)
  • How long have you owned this vehicle?
  • When was the last time it was Professionally detailed, or is it new to you?
  • What are your expectations? Is this a daily driver, or?

We ask these questions simply because we are focused on meeting and exceeding your requirements.

When it comes to hiring a Professional Detailer for your vehicle, the bottom line is that you are hiring a true professional by the hour. We know very closely just how well a job will turn out based on the following conditions: Owner expectations / Present Vehicle Condition, color and brand of vehicle.

We have specific packages for a variety of situations and vehicles. Since we do not offer generic car wash services, it is impossible to compare our services and prices with that type of detailer. Sure, there are a lot of inexpensive if not outright cheap mobile detailers out there who promise top results in half the time, if only it were true.

It is easy to quote you over the phone for our Standard or Executive processes, but in no case should anyone consider that we are working on a set fee no matter how many hours it takes to accomplish the requested level of work. "Take your time" might not be the best of terms unless we all previously agree to such. While every moment is spent in detail on your vehicle we are frequently surprised by high volumes of soap suds left from a previous detailer or huge issues with contaminants in/on the paint surfaces.

A 5-7 hour detail by Apollo Auto Detailing will finish many detail packages very well, but an 8-10 hour or a multiple day series of processes will yield incredible results, that of truly better than new.

As Seen on
Apollo Auto Detailing
since 2009
At the time of this writing we have 21 5 Star reviews. (5/27/2012)

These are the typical items that would be addressed:

Engine Bay is washed and degreased, water based protection is applied.

Paintwork is handwashed carefully, with a pH neutral cleanser to prep for the claybar process.

All door shuts, fuel tank lid, support lifts, etc are cleaned.

Tires and rims, wheel wells are deep cleaned and dressed.

Headlights and taillights are polished / restored to remove light defects and haze and to restore original luster and clarity.

All door seals and gaskets are cleaned and conditioned to restore flexibility and color.

All interior surfaces will be cleansed with a mild soap, and then treated with water based (non-greasy) UV protectant, such as 303 Aerospace and Sonax's invisible dash conditioner.

The dash, console, and gauges will be carefully cleaned and protected with the appropriate products based on materials and textures. Our clear plastic conditioner has Milspec, Marine and Aeronautical approval.

Leather surfaces will be cleaned and conditioned (Leatherique treatment available)

Trunk is vacuumed, cleaned and plastic conditioned.

Claybar process selects from 3 different quality bars, heavy, medium and fine. Hardness of paint and seriousness of issues are taken into consideration. All surface contaminants are removed.

High (it's actually medium) speed machine compounding and polishing with Flex L3403 polisher compounding processes are used as needed by the type and condition of paint. This will permanently remove most defects, swirls, etching, and scratches and provide an unbelievable finish that in many cases is better than new. Some defects may be too severe to safely remove.
Our jewling machine is the venerable Porter Cable 7424XP with the highest technology microfiber pads, this system finishes down on the softest black paints extremely well.

All glass surfaces thoroughly cleaned.

The above processes equate to an Executive Detail or better.
Our Executive detail is a set of processes that always take 7+ hours to complete.
The major difference is in the level of paint defect removal and/or interior severity.


Our Express Package is for those in need of a thorough cleaning, and an application of an all-in-one polish (paint cleaner / polish / sealant). This machine-applied product will clean the painted surface, remove very light swirls and defects, and will leave a long-lasting protective barrier against the elements. When glossy paint takes priority over serious defect removal, our Express Package is the one for you.

• Exterior delicately hand washed with pH neutral soap.

• All-in-one polish applied by machine to enhance gloss and shine, while correcting very light swirls and marring.

• Door shuts and various jambs are thoroughly cleaned.

• Wheel wells are cleaned and dressed.

• Wheels are gently cleaned to remove brake dust and road grime. Tires are cleaned and dressed.

• Interior and trunk will be vacuumed.

• All interior surfaces to be lightly wiped down.

• All glass surfaces will be cleaned.

The Express starts at $250, depending on the amount of surface impurities. In most situations this is a 5 hour detail.







Leather Restoration and Deep Conditioning by Leatherique

Leatherique is widely accepted as some of the absolute finest leather care and restoration products on the market. Leatherique Pristine Clean and Leatherique Rejuvenator Oil work with a capillary action. The proteins, cleaners, and conditioners find their way deep into the natural pores of the leather and force out the dirt, perspiration, air pollution, and other toxins that dry out and destroy the fibers of the leather, depleting the fibers strength and flexibility, and causing them to deteriorate. Perspiration, and the salts left after its evaporation, easily find their way into the leather fibers.

For proper application and best results, this product requires time (and heat) to get your leather looking its best. Once applied, the product should remain on the leather surfaces with the windows up (to create a steam room effect) for most of the day before being removed. In some cases, it is advised to allow the product to work overnight before finalizing the cleaning and restoration process. Once completed, your leather will be much more clean and sanitary, it will have a soft and supple feel to it, and it will restore that leather scent.

Leatherique application is a stand-alone service and is not included in any of the set packages.

Time requirements for the Leather Restoration by Leatherique services: Up to 24 hours
Expected price range: From $125











2005 Bentley GT

Leather had been abused with a cheap Over the Counter conditioner applied by a car washer.
Notice how dull the dry areas of the leather are in this photo.

Applying Leatherique (1st day)

2010 Range Rover (completed 9/02/2010 = 7 hours) + 2005 Bentley GT (completed 9/07/2010, 2 days =15 hours)
Pic taken after Rover was completed, start of Bentley detail.



1967 Jaguar XKE

1967 Jaguar XKE
The builder replaced everything, full body off restoration!
The clearcoat had developed massive grapefruit like skin after 4+ years...
This photo is the end of three 12 hour days of work.
Please see the photoblog link for a complete photo history of the detail including 4 videos.


1988 BMW M5
Got Swirls? In many places the depth of the swirls were in the 800-1000 grit range.

Finish photo op.

The tires above are a reflection on the M5 hood from an old VW truck nearby.
1988 BMW M5



2006 Infiniti MX45
The clearcoat is so physically hard that there is a little sticker under the hood explaining it.

The shot below is of the plastic clearbra. It is not always possible to correct without replacement.

Just a few hours later...

2006 Infiniti MX45



2004 Porsche 911 Twin Turbo Cabriolet
Heavy swirls. Cause? Car wash detailer just before purchase.

You can hardly recognize detail of any kind on this side, after a thorough 2+ hour washing.


Massive swirls. These are not simple wash abrasions, the lines are all different directions and not a simple sweep of the arm.
At this stage it required another 8 hours to fully correct.

While difficult to see, on the ground next to the Porsche are light reflections coming from the finely polished panels, not the glass.


2004 Porsche 911 Twin Turbo Cabriolet
This was a 15 hour detail with several additional procedures.


2002 Ford Harley Davidson Supercharged truck
Heavy surface marring from oxidation and heavy swirls

Finely polished, sealed and waxed

2002 Ford Harley Davidson Supercharged truck



2008 Chevy Silverado
Heavy hard water damage to driver's side





2007 Mountaineer RV Trailer
Full Exterior Detail



2007 Baja Outlaw 26' Speedboat

2007 Baja Outlaw 26' Speedboat

This boat was just completed August 19th, 2010, for the fourth time!
Phillip K's Yelp review is below.


2008 Triumph

Using the venerable Dual Xenon Brinkman light to illuminate the tiniest defect in the paint or clear.

In this photo Light "micromarring" is seen. The "tell"? The super fine lines are more of a haze than defined issues.
This is extremely simple to remove with a light polish and is merely the result of a "heavy" polish routine.
This would be nearly invisible in daylight.

There isn't a scrap of micromarring in the pic below, either in intense Xenon or Fluorescent lights.

Daylight, full sun. No remaining or caused swirls, no micromarring.

2008 Triumph detail

All paintwork was fully reconditioned due to heavy paint swirls and scratches.
6 straight hours, and it took every second. No breaks, no lunch, no additional for setup.
The tires are natural for safety. A car washer would have used a high gloss silicone product.

Any bike rider knows silicone products are truly evil on 2 wheelers.


Yelp Referrals: (Nine 5 Star reviews! Unsolicitated and viewable on

Natalie H. (San Francisco, Ca) (9/18/2010)
My husband and I were moving out of town and were going to give away my 2000 Honda Civic prior to leaving - the only problem was my car had been well covered in fur from our beloved hound-shepherd mix and needed to be deeply cleaned prior to giving it away. I called Sean based on his Yelp reviews and he did not disappoint!

Sean managed to get rid of all the dog hair that had practically become part of the cloth seating. He had also vacuumed and washed the inside of the car so well it was hard to believe this was a 10 year old vehicle and not a brand new one! The same goes for the exterior - he waxed it and put a shine on it I hadn't seen in almost the entire 10 years I've owned it.

When we move back to the bay area and need a car detailing again, Sean will definitely be the first person we call!


Sheridan Y. (Orinda, Ca) (8/22/2010)
Sean really knows his stuff especially when it comes to prestige automobiles.  He uses the best products hands down and you can expect him to spend a full day working with the car to bring it back to pristine almost perfect condition.   No buff and go work here.  All hand detailing, polishing and finishing until the car really shines.  He will also tell you what you need to do to take care of the car after he works his magic.  If you have a car that you really like and want to preserve it to almost perfect condition....Call Sean!

Phillip K. (San Francisco, Ca) (8/21/2009)
Sean did an outstanding job on our 26 Baja Outlaw powerboat this past week.  Washed it down, claybar on the hull, wax and polish on the gelcoat then he cleaned and conditioned all of the Vinyl and interior and shampooed the carpets.  

He's a really cool guy with a lot of experience that is on time and willing to move his schedule around to make things work for his customers.  I'll be using his services again when I put her away for the winter this November!  He's going to put photos up of before and after (our boat) on his site soon, check out the shine!

(P.S. 8/19/10 Just completed this boat for the 4th time)

Larry B. (Danville, Ca) (7/06/2009)
Sean Woodward, the owner, is an auto detailing artist - with decades of experience. He knows the science of it down to the molecular level. He made my Subaru WRX look brand new, got rid of all the "swirls" and worked on it for hours longer than normal to fix some problems but honored his original price. Excellent service and value, way exceeded my expectations. He's a very hard worker with an extreme attention to detail - and his shop is mobile, so he comes to you. Totally convenient. If you have a $500,000 Ferrari or a car like mine, you will not be disappointed.


Marc S. (Walnut Creek, Ca) (12/11/2009)

I can heartily agree with the two prior reviews (Yelp). Sean worked on my wife's VW Passat this week and the results are impressive. The car looks as good as the day it rolled off the assembly line. I enjoyed talking with Sean because he is willing to share information about what works when it comes o the art and science of detailing.

I have no hesitation in recommending his expertise to others.


Steven B. (Concord, Ca) (4/01/2010)

Apollo Auto Detail is a professional and "detailed" business. Owner Sean Woodward is a passioniate auto detail specialist. His work is focused and thorough whether you choose a basic or executive package. Sean made his schedule work around mine-contacted me after his work was done and actually came back out to re-treat the interior of my car so to meet his standards. I waited a long time to purchase the car I currently own and Sean was understanding to my concerns and performed a detail that made my car sparkle to as new condition.

I highly recommend Sean and Apollo Detail.


Clint L. (Napa, Ca.)

Sean is a pleasure to have at your home detailing what you love! I have a 2006 Infiniti M45 Sport that looks amazing after his detail. I've been detailing cars as a hobby for years and must say he is great. I was in need of a detail on my own car and with working 7 days a week this past year I felt I'd try having a pro detail my car and see what he could do. After looking over his website and the photos of his before and after work I knew I was on to the "right guy". I'm completely detail oriented and I'm a tough customer. He was pleasant and worked a full twelve hour day on my car with no complaints. If you have Sean do your car let me tell you that you will fall in love the with results he produces.


Gregory L. (Pleasanton, Ca.) (10/21/2009)

Sean Woodward is an amazing detailer, a true detailing artist. We had Sean completely detail our Chevrolet Tahoe and what an outstanding job he did. Every inch from the exterior, interior and engine was super clean and what a shine. I really liked that he took his time, used his own lighting while working. I just scheduled him to wax the vehicle again, a mid-point wax service between annual complete detailing of the vehicle. I can't keep track of how many people comment on the shine, the metallic red is blinding.
A five star, five diamond rating. Sean is a master detailer!


E. C. (Walnut Creek, Ca.) (7/14/2010)
Sean did a great job, these reviews are no lie - I even waited for a couple weeks to make sure he could detail my car. I told him on the phone you can only shine a pig so much and let me tell you, the outcome surprised us both. My car looks better than when I bought it! He is passionate and knows his services. I would trust him with any car. I have a 1999 Accord, but if I had a Ferrari, he would be the guy to detail it. His thoroughness and attention for detail are amazing. I wish more people out there had the ethics Sean has. Thanks Sean!


Dhirij (Hayward, Ca) (Thank You Postcard, 9/15/2009)

Sean- I want to thank you for helping me out and with my car (BMW 530i). The car has ZERO swirls and looks almost brand new. I really appreciate your honesty and quality of your work.



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