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I first started my career in Auto Detailing back in 1986. While working at a few local body shops in Ojai & Ventura, Ca., I learned the techniques of safe paint restoration and protection. In early 1994 I opened Mobile Shine Works, a mobile auto detail company based in San Luis Obispo, California. At the peak we had 6 employees and we worked for some of the biggest names in entertainment, corporate ownership and local government facilities like CHP and City Hall. Examples: Ernie Ball Guitar Strings, John G. Avildsen; Director of the Rocky movie franchise, The Spice Hunter, OneMain.com, Seagate Technologies, San Luis Sourdough,and many more.


Some daily driven cars will show normal washing swirls once the contaminants are removed. This is very common and results from debris in the wash cloth throughout the year's washes. In most cases this is a simple procedure to remove. They are removed by fine polishing with Menzerna products and the proper foam pads.

Our method of removing swirls nets incredible results. It just takes patience and care.

It is my goal to educate vehicle owners to show that a professional detailer is not someone you would encounter at your local car wash. The local car wash detailer does not have the inclination or the time to devote to purist detailing. Their products are purchased in 20-55 gallon drums.



I have toured with several classic car owners to various California Concours de Elegance shows throughout the last 15 years. In one case, the preparation of a 1967 Maserati Mexico took over 50 hours during the course of 2 months. This beauty had never had the paint cleaned or finely polished in approx. 30 years. Original paint, original leather interior. The leather hadn't been conditioned in my opinion, since a few years after original purchase. We taped off little paint chips and all the rubber and chrome on the car and I started to carefully restore the paint, panel by panel. When finished we actually lost car shows because the judges saw that the paint didn't match the condition of the interior. The leather wasn't capable of the restoration level of the paint! I had used 16oz. of Lexol during this process. Each time we would carefully feed it, and before we finished for the day we would carefully massage the leather. The unfortunate fact was that 30 years of neglect took it's toll, it continued to remain stiff and a bit dull.

The Beautiful Gold 1967 Maserati Mexico on the far left.
Even from this distance the level of detail is clearly visible.

Now that technology has moved forward once again, paint restoration products are even more exact than ever before. Foam pad technology is superior to only 5 years ago and because of this it is possible to achieve fantastic levels of quality on any color paint surface.

All it takes is patience and care.

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