2012 Cadillac cts-v
Black on Black

An excessively fast vehicle !


The Process

--Chemical Guys Clear Wash
--Microfiber Washmitt

Wheels and Tires:
--Sonax Wheel Cleaner
--Detail Brush
--Boars Hair Brush

---Clay Magic's Claybar and CG's V07 detailing spray for lubrication.

--Citrus based adhesive remover & lacquer thinner on lower panels to remove road tar & road paint.

- -- Meguiars D300

--Wax : Blacklight
-- Very durable high gloss wax

--Custom Pads
--Lake Country foam pad


- -- 303 Aerospace Protectant

--Ultra Plush Detailing Microfiber Towels
--Meguiars Microfiber

--Porter Cable 5" & 3"with custom velcro head

--Stoner Invisible Glass

Other products were used during this process.







This is a most incredible paintjob, the likes I have never seen on a full production car.
Wheel pics are pre-Sonax, during (red) and cleaned. If I had only shot the 3rd one dry? Oops.


After full washdown and Clay. The paint is a modern 3 stage where the basecoat appears to be black, with an insane metalflake, then a massive amount of clear. Even still, you can see that the tree doesn't reflect well, nor does the white van.

Very hard to catch the volume of paint issues, . Upper clearly shows marring, the fender has a ton of issues just below the middle reflection.

After polishing, Blacklight and wax processes. Curing of Blacklight requires 45 minutes total, the wax is at least 30.

Wax removal and the ubiquitous gleam. Below = after detail spray.
The van is now lost in the metalflake and the afternoon sun.

Trees are quite clear.

2012 Cadillac CTS-V
A pretty standard 5 hour exterior detail.
The metallic is the most insane I have seen in years.

Check out the band of light coming across the right tire to just above the V on the truck.




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