2007 BMW 335i
Fast, sitting still. A twin turbo sleeper.


The Process

--Chemical Guys Maxi Suds II
- --Microfiber Chenille Washmitt

Wheels and Tires:
--P21S Gel Wheel Cleaner
--Detail Brush
--Boars Hair Brush

Engine Bay/Door Shuts:
--P21S Total Auto Wash for door shuts and engine bay.
-Meguiars Boars Hair Brush

--Followed by Clay Magic's Claybar and Meguire's Final Inspection for lubrication.

--Citrus based adhesive remover on lower rockers and rear bumper to remove road tar.

--Menzerna PO91E Intensive Polish
--3M Finesse It II
--Meguire's NXT wax

--Lake Country foam pads
--Orange - White - Gray - Blue

--Ultra Plush Detailing Microfiber Towels

--Milwauke HD Polisher 5440 0-2800 RPM
--Cyclo Twin head Dual Orbital - Final Polish

--Stoner Invisible Glass


Example of swirl removal.



Safe removal of swirls on decklid. This is not final polished as yet.


Finished product.

M3 Swirls

Excellent reflections.

Swirls M3


Polishing M3


Polishing with Menzerna


Black. BMW. Tough, but someone's got to polish them.