2006 Infiniti M45


The Process

--Chemical Guys Maxi Suds II
- --Microfiber Chenille Washmitt

Wheels and Tires:
--P21S Gel Wheel Cleaner
--Detail Brush
--Boars Hair Brush

Engine Bay/Door Shuts:
--P21S Total Auto Wash for door shuts and engine bay.
--Meguiars Boars Hair Brush

---Clay Magic's Blue Claybar and Meguire's Final Inspection for lubrication.

--Citrus based adhesive remover & lacquer thinner on lower panels to remove road tar & road paint.

--Leatherique conditioner & cleaner

--Menzerna Super Intensive Polish (SIP)
--Menzerna Micro Polish PO 85 RD
--Meguiars NXT wax

--Lake Country foam pads --6.5" + 4" LC black

-- Chemical Guy's Fade 2 Black spray

--Ultra Plush Detailing Microfiber Towels
--Meguiars Detail Towels

--Milwauke HD Polisher 5440 0-2800 RPM

--Stoner Invisible Glass

Other products were used during this process.



Heavy paint scratching and swirls.

Clear bra swirls.

Certain sun angles do not show the depth of the swirls.

Lack of depth of reflection. All color is muddled.

Start of intense polishing. 11:30am to 6pm. 6.5 hours of multi-stage polishing.

Checking first panel for proper polish/pad combination.

Heavy polishing haze. Menzerna Super Intensive Polish and pad combo result.

Finish. No swirls are evident in this late afternoon hood photo.

Hurried pic before the sun went down. Sealant still remaining on front of car.

2 small dots are prior paintchip repairs. Other artifacts are lens caused. Left panel has paint sealant, sealant removed from right panel to show quality of swirl removal.


Next morning after detail. Client's photos.


Very hard clear requiring heavy handed polishing.
One of the deepest metallic colors and quite a beautiful car.